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Overland Travel

When travelling, a party has a speed per hour (Miles per hour, or MPH) which has been extrapolated into how far they can travel in a day (miles per day, or MPD). There are factors that bring that number up and down: the terrain, whether or not there are roads, if the party is forced marching, and if they have mounts or are particularly hardy.

Going longer than 8 hours of marching applies a point of exhaustion, and will apply another one

Assumes 8 hours of march; going longer applies exhaustion as normal. A quick (M)arch applies 1 point of exhaustion every 6 hours of travel time. Travel exhaustion applies to mounts.
Characters and mounts cannot quick march while encumbered or hauling cargo.
Parties travel at the speed of the slowest character. A Ranger counts as having roads.

For characters with a constitution score between 14 and 8:

MPH MPD Terrain
4 32 open (M), woods (roads, M)
3 24 open, woods (roads), woods (M), mountains (roads, M) swamp (roads, M) hills (roads, M)
2.5 20 hills (roads)
2 16 woods, mountains (roads), swamp (roads), hills
1.5 12 mountains, swamp (M)
1 8 swamp

For characters with a mount, greater than 40 move speed, or greater than 14 constitution:

MPH MPD Terrain
6 48 open (M)
5 40 woods (roads, M), hills (roads, M)
4 32 open, woods (roads), swamp (roads, M), hills (roads)
3 24 woods, mountains (roads), hills, swamp (roads)
1.5 12 swamp (M)
1 8 swamp

For encumbered travel, or travel with cargo:

MPH MPD Terrain
2 16 open, woods (roads)
1.5 12 mountains (roads), hills (roads)
1 8 woods, swamp (roads), hills
5 4 swamp, mountains

Oversea Travel

Sailing ships with twice the required crew can travel 24 hours a day. They cannot sail on rivers.
Galleys with twice the required crew can travel only 12 hours/day. Galleys can also quick (M)arch. When a galley is at sea and under sail, it behaves as a sailing ship rather than a galley.
Stormhunters always count as having favorable winds.
Vokayan-built ships cannot be becalmed.


MPH MPD Conditions
10 120 downriver (spring, M)
8 96 downriver (summer, M)
7 84 downriver (spring)
6 72 downriver (summer), downriver (fall or winter, M)
5 60 upriver (fall or winter, M), downriver (fall or winter), calm seas
4 48 upriver (fall or winter), upriver (summer, M), rough seas
2.5 30 upriver (summer)
2 24 upriver (spring)

Sailing Ship

MPH MPD Conditions
7 168 favorable winds
5 120 semi-favorable winds
2 48 unfavorable winds
?? ?? becalmed*

*When a ship is becalmed, it will move randomly at the whim of the currents. This can offer unpredictable results, but generally, even in the most extreme of circumstances, it will not provide much of them.

Overland Travel

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