The Emperor's Companions

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The Emperor’s Companions are a loose organization at best. They appear to have no formal ranks, no set responsibilities, and no standardization in training, skills, or uniforms. When it comes down to it, all that the Companions have in common is how they were recruited and the extent of their authority: they were chosen by Emperor Alexander himself, and their authority is nearly equal to his own.

In general, the Companions serve as auditors, investigators, commanders, and spies. Most possess few material rewards for their service, though their capacity to dip into the royal coffers renders the impediments of wealth obsolete. There are no official rolls of the Companions: only Alexander himself likely knows just how many of them there are and what exactly each of them is instructed to do.

The chaotic nature of the Companions nearly ensures that the organization will not outlive its present master; and that if it does, it will bring a nightmare equal to the Black Web down on the Imperium.

The Emperor's Companions

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