The Dragon's Teeth

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The hidden arm of Vokaya, the Dragon’s Teeth are famous, and infamous, around the world. Founded over six centuries ago, the Dragon’s Teeth has served the Rex of Vokaya ever since the Metal Dragons returned to the Torpor. They are not only spies, but also assassins, scouts, secret police, and even diplomats. Their blades and words have killed the enemies of the Vokayagora Zemla all across the world, and are feared as the boogiemen of thousand tales.
In the modern day, however, they are a shadow of their former power. During the Neverwar, they were struck low by internal conspiracy that saw many of their membership imprisoned, then killed during the rampage of the Demon Empress. Afterward, the best and brightest still alive were inducted into the Glass Ghosts, and when that organization was set aside, victorious, they opted to retire rather than return to the fold.
The remainder have rebuilt, but the organization’s foundation has been rocked by the Republican movement, and some fear a resurgence of the events that led to its near-destruction during the Neverwar. If the Serendi should fall, then the Dragon’s Teeth may fall with them.


Motto: “In the shadows we find the truth. From the darkness we bring the light.”


Loyalty is good, but only the Rex is above suspicion. Knowledge lurks in hidden places; the more difficult to find, the more important the knowledge. Act with cunning and initiative. If you must kill, do so without malice. A confused enemy is as auspicious as an unarmed one.


  • Uphold the will and vision of the Metal Dragons, made manifest in the Rex.
  • Protect the interests of Vokaya however possible.
  • Ensure that your leaders know what you know.


Master Emissary An elected position, pulled from the current crop of Ambassadors. The Master Emissary manages the entirety of the Dragon’s Teeth, and appoints the advisor to the High Council and the Rex. Occasionally they serve as this advisor personally.
Ambassador Agents in the field must be controlled and must receive directives. Ambassadors serve this purpose. They coordinate the efforts of the Dragon’s Teeth in a single region, or in relation to a specific ongoing task. They are also competent agents in their own right.
Seeker These are the best of the best in terms of field agents. They operate independently; while most will check in with local Ambassadors when on assignment, they usually take their orders directly from the Master Emissary. No Seeker is ever placed in the position of a public representative: these men and women are specialists, killers, and spies. The top of the grade in what they do.
Agent The bulk of Dragon’s Teeth forces are called agents. Agents come in all stripes and shades, with all manner of different capabilities. Some are assassins, others are spies, still others are smugglers, and a few are diplomats. All have received the best of training.
Chief Adjutant A support specialist that controls a large department, or is particularly skilled in their field.
Adjutant Not all work can be done in the field. Maps must be drawn, ciphers must be written, messages must be delivered, and languages must be learned. The men and women that train and prepare the other members of the Dragon’s Teeth are called adjutants.
Initiate A trainee of the Dragon’s Teeth. Initiates do not do missions on their own, and are usually found doing their extensive and exhausting exercises, preparing to become Agents or Adjutants.

The Dragon's Teeth

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