The Black Web

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The full truth behind the Black Web is difficult to know, as even most of its own organization is unaware of its full extent. Most—but certainly not all—know that it is of Vokayan origins, and operates in some relation to Vokayan interests. Some know that the organization is quite old, though none can give any real numbers. A few know that, in the days leading up to the Neverwar, there was a great purge in the Dragon’s Teeth, arresting dozens—if not hundreds—of Black Web agents; this was followed by a period of great disorder, as the leadership of the Black Web fell silent. Most are aware that order has been restored…though just how, and why it was lost in the first place, remains a mystery.

Very few know more than that.

The Black Web has agents throughout Vokaya and the Empires, as far south as Atur. Often organizations, gangs, or governments serve the Web without even knowing, either answering to shadowed masters or remaining entirely unaware that they are manipulated at all. In general, the known activities of the Black Web and its pawns are predictably criminal, though they also dabble in espionage and politics. The Web’s goals, and that of the enigmatic Spider that controls the organization, are inscrutable.

The Black Web

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