The Aturan Legions

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The Legions of Atur are a very new creation, and most are still working out their organizational roles in the present regime. For the most part, the Aturan Legions are old Listed Companies that have consented to nationalization, as the Sultan decreed in 1221 AT. As a result their organizations tend to shift and change, and their adherence to proper form, title, and ranks is spotty at best. The Legions, in other words, are a mess, but they retain every bit of fighting skill and combat discipline that they had before their nationalization.


Motto: Death for life eternal!


  • Duln is the God of Gods and the King of Kings, and the Sultan is his living manifestation on this earth. Obedience is virtue.
  • Death in the service of Duln cleanses all sin, and killing in the service of the Sultan is a righteous deed.



The Aturan Legions are halfway between a respectable military force and the disorganized mercenary units they used to be. The only military with greater organizational discipline is the recently-reformed Vokayan Stratosi, but while the Legions are far better than the rabble the Holy Falcon Empire called “armies” they are a distant second to their elven cousins.

This primarily manifests in a chaotic rank structure, which can vary greatly from one legion to another. In general, though, the ranks fall into the following categories:

Master General The commander of an entire Legion. There are presently twelve of these, though the sizes of the forces they command vary wildly. At their largest, a Legion consists of 3000 men, though many are smaller.
General Each General commands a single Battalion inside of a Legion, around 500 men. Optimally, a Legion has 3 to 5 Generals.
Captain Captains are in charge of a single unit of 100 soldiers. These are either 100 men in the case of infantry, or 60 to 80 men in the case of cavalry or archers. These units are the smallest subdivision capable of independent movement on a battlefield, and thus Captains tend to be both charismatic and possess some tactical acumen. Optimally, a General commands 5 to 8 Captains.
Chaplain The commander of a Section of a Unit, usually half its size; so, between 30 and 50 men. A Chaplain is primarily responsible for managing discipline in his Section, ensuring that his men are fit and willing. Chaplains are always priests of Duln, and when possible they are also Clerics. Optimally, a Captain commands 2 Chaplains, though sometimes there is a third.
Driver A Driver is responsible for ‘driving’ the men forward from the front. Given responsibility of a Line of 10 men, Drivers are experienced and fit, the largest and toughest of their fellows. Often acolytes of Duln, though such devotion is not required unless they wish to be promoted to Chaplain some day.
Legionnaire The rank and file of the Legion.

The Aturan Legions

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