Regius Novum

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The foundation of the Regius Novum was always a loose prospect. The lords that banded together at the urging and manipulations of Merik Serendi were more interested in personal power and wealth than any sense of unity. Their populations were philosophically divided, with the civil wars playing out on the continent being recreated in miniature on every island in the Sea of Storms. The rule of law was weak at best, and nonexistent at worst.

Still, it held itself together for a while. The nine Storm Lords—as they called themselves—were sometimes ruthless in their suppression of their populations, and sometimes they were not ruthless enough, but none could argue that they were in charge. With the might of the Vokayan Navy at their backs, the Storm Lords were able to divide all of the Storm Isles among one another, and restore order to a chaotic land.

Then they started killing each other.

In the winter of 1217, Jakob Hedlund, the strongest of the Storm Lords, decided one of his lesser brethren by the name of William Gottfried should not own a particularly valuable island. The particulars are lost in the chaos that followed, but in short, he used Listed Company mercenaries to conquer the land, and crush the naval counter attack. The Vokayan Navy did not intervene, which was most curious; after all, Lord Hedlund was clearly the aggressor in the matter, and if they had sided with Lord Gottfried then they would have been backed by the rest of the Storm Lords without incident.

But they did not. The conquest was a success. Quickly, the battle lines were drawn between Hedlund and Gottfriend, and the war began in earnest. Vokaya did attempt to broker peace, but their mediators were only barely tolerated; then ignored, then outright banished from the Storm Isles, at which point it was fairly clear that Vokaya’s influence over the rulers of Regius Novum had lapsed to nearly nothing.

Then Vokaya performed the second strange action: they did not simply conquer all of the Storm Isles and annex them into their empire. The common theory that Merik feared that he would unite Regius Novum against him, and the combined fleets of every island in the Sea of Storms would end the naval superiority Vokaya had maintained for over a hundred years. Faced with such a disasterous possibility, the loss of the Regius Novum to internal strife wasn’t such a terrible sacrifice.

A less popular theory, touted by Merik’s enemies, was that the pain he was unable to inflict upon the Imperials when he recaptured the Empress’ Gift was being channeled here. The collapse and subsequent brushing-off of a significant portion of the shattered Holy Falcon Empire was the Serendi Rex’s way of getting even.

The truth is unconfirmed. Three years later, when the wars in the Regius Novum were beginning to turn dark, Merik Serendi was assassinated. His daughter, Lidiya Serendi, had too many problems when she assumed the throne, and has done nothing to alleviate the situation.

Vital Statistics

Size: 54,600 square miles
Population: 3.8 million
Civil Population: 129,000
Rural Population: 3.67 million


Evigahem: 31,280

Stormberg: 10,000

Geldenberg: 25,000

Southcrest: 8,100

+2 Large Islands

Towns: 27 (54,000)

Regius Novum

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