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“Take what you can, and give nothing back. The world will do you no better.”

The Raiders are more of a culture than specific organization; there are many different wandering bands of them stretching all across the world, and they rarely—if ever—come in contact with each other. At the same time, though, they are born from a singular basic philosophy, and they all show strong similarities.

The Raiders believe that every individual deserves what they can take. It is a primarily xenophobic ideal, which dehumanizes those who are not part of the band and are unable to protect themselves. As the philosophy was founded by Orcs, it possess a core cynicism that sees the world beyond their kin as something thankless, unforgiving, and without mercy; and that it should be repaid in kind.

Raider bands live primarily off of other people, taking whatever is not protected well enough to stop them, but what differentiates them from normal groups of bandits and outlaws is their strict discipline and hierarchical system of organization. Raiders live by a code, demanding unquestioning obedience from every member of their band, and enforcing intense training and skill-at-arms. Not many realize it before facing them, but Raider bands tend to be some of the most skilled and organized soldiers around, and they show astonishing fearlessness in the face of overwhelming force.

The key to their success it the combined temptation of wealth, freedom, and family. Raiders accept anyone strong enough to enter, and they care little for the restrictions present in many lands that they inhabit. Women, slaves, people of all races, colors, or creeds; anyone can become a Raider, if they’re good enough. As a result of this, even their highly regimented lifestyles can seem like liberty to the poor and disenfranchised.



  • The world beyond the warband is violent, selfish, and ruthless. Any weakness will be exploited, and any mercy will be answered with betrayal.
  • Order is established through trust, but must survive both good and evil times. Obedience is offered only to those who prove they will take care with it, but once given, it cannot be withdrawn without great cause.





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