Quotes from in game.

2/27: The session of ‘if only my fate point rolled higher’

I need to know everything about gong farming. It’s vitally important to the mission.

Josh: Oh, damn, I just wrote this as 2 shovels, 1 cart.

Josh: We need to go talk to the dong farmers.
DM: Gong farmers.
Josh: I mean gong farmers.

Paladin 2: Do you have to follow gong farmers around everyday?
Guard: Oh god no.
Paladin 2: Good. That would be a shitty job.

Paladin: We could get a scented bath.
DM: Then you wouldn’t smell like shit.
Paladin: Shit.
DM: You could dip in the gong pit tomorrow.
Paladin: Oh, perfect. That’s the plan, then; bath today, then roll in the shit pile tomorrow.
Paladin 2: As Paladins do.

DM: Do you slam the door before he can run?
Paladin 1: Oh, yes. “Nobody else is leaving this room.”
DM: He turns around and puts his dukes up.
Rogue: He wants to fight?
DM: You won’t let him run. He’s not gonna let you kill his charge in front of him.
Rogue: Well, shit. I draw my—
Sorcerer: I have a polymorph left. He’s a turtle.
DM: (rolls) So he is.

5/29: The prison break

Paladin: It wasn’t terrorism. It was burgle-murder-arson-assassin-ry.


Door Jokes

Josh: I guess he’ll just have to… en-DOOR it.

He’s a-DOOR-able


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