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The invincible navy of the Vokayagora Zemla. The Naftiko made its name around two hundred years ago, during the reign of Devorah Serendi Rex. Devorah led the first war of expansion in Vokaya’s history, and it was a war that was in many ways led by technological advancement more than simple training and numbers. Vokaya’s navy became legendary throughout the world for its advanced construction techniques and rapid adoption of magic into their combat techniques.

Now, the Naftiko is nearly as magically dependent and proficient as the Magi, though their focus on construction and marines separates the two. They also maintained the only magical arms and armor production outside of Obsidian; when the great industrial capital fell, Everlight, home of the Naftiko, became the only remaining source of Vokaya’s famous arcane weaponry.

The Naftiko is both proud and secretive, as their techniques for building their ships could easily fall into the wrong hands and eradicate Vokaya’s advantage. The added rigors of sea travel have resulted in a much more disciplined force than present in the Magi or the Stratos, sometimes to extremes.

This focus on secrecy and discipline is likely the result of over a hundred years of stagnation in naval warfare. There hasn’t been a serious contest on the Storm Sea for naval superiority since the time of Devorah Serendi Rex, and without reason to advance their methods in ship construction, the Naftiko has refocused on simply keeping their techniques from spreading to the Empires or Atur. It hasn’t been entirely successful, but in the absence of a major war they remain in control by default.


Motto: “Iron in our Hands, Iron in our Hearts; Iron Rules the Seas.”


  • Courage and obedience are the keystones to survival. Without them, the sea will swallow us all.
  • Your ship is your home, and your crew is your family. Trust only your fellows and your officers.
  • We are Vokaya’s greatest weapons, and we will comport ourselves with pride. Laziness, laxity, and inebriation are tarnishes on yourselves and your comrades.


Active service: 30,000
Reserves: 200,000
Draft Pool: 6,000,000

  • Naftiko 1st Fleet (North Fleet)
    • 5 Khozhukov-class Cruising Ships
      • 60 crew, 40 marines
    • 3 Lykus-class Intercepting Ships
      • 35 crew, 30 marines
    • 11 Hatazis-Class Intercepting Ships
      • 40 crew, 30 marines
    • 2 Devorah-class Light Stormhunters
      • 20 crew, 5 marines
  • Naftiko 2nd Fleet (Storm Fleet)
    • 2 Zotov-class Ships of Battle
      • 50 crew, 200 marines
    • 15 Serendi-class Ships of Battle
      • 200 crew, 120 marines
    • 12 Peris-class Cruising Ships
      • 110 crew, 60 marines
    • 2 Khozhukov-class Cruising Ships
      • 60 crew, 40 marines
    • 26 Hatazis-class Intercepting Ships
      • 40 crew, 30 marines
    • 8 Barsukov-class Heavy Stormhunters
      • 75 crew, 50 marines
    • 8 Devorah-class Light Stormhunters
      • 20 crew, 5 marines
  • Naftiko 3rd Fleet (White Fleet)
    • 2 Serendi-class Ships of Battle
      • 200 crew, 120 marines
    • 6 Peris-class Cruising Ships
      • 110 crew, 80 marines
    • 10 Barsukov-class Heavy Stormhunters
      • 75 crew, 50 marines
    • 4 Devorah-class Light Stormhunters
    • (Interceptor-weight vessels provided by Whiteshore)
  • Naftiko 4th Fleet (South Fleet)
    • 3 Peris-class Cruising Ships
      • 110 crew, 80 marines
    • 13 Hatazis-class Intercepting Ships
      • 25 crew, 30 marines
    • 3 Barsukov-class Heavy Stormhunters
      • 75 crew, 50 marines
    • 1 Devorah-class Light Stormhunter
      • 20 crew, 5 marines



These are political roles in much the same way as the other branches of the Vokayan military. However, because so much of the Naftiko is handled either far away or in secret, the amount of interference from politicians is dramatically reduced, even nonexistent in the lower ranks.

Grand Admiral This is an elected position, openly chosen from among the admiralty by the High Council and the Serendi Rex during the Contests. The Grand Admiral rarely serves in the fleet, however, and as a part of the Consulate serves as an adjutant to the Serendi Rex.
Admiral Admirals command one of the regional fleets. They do not often take to the field, though in full-scale war they have been known to do so.
Vice Admiral These men and women are the commanders of individual battle groups, controlling usually between three and five vessels. They do not command any of the individual vessels, though they are quartered on a flagship in their formation.
Captain A captain is the master of his or her ship, and ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of the vessel and its crew. Every ship has a captain, though some smaller vessels are commanded by lower-ranking individuals with honorary titles. Unlike other navies, though, Vokayan captains never own their ships. A captain has often been in the Naftiko for over a decade, and has distinguished themselves in the heat of battle. For most Dionkitae of the Naftiko, this is as high a rank as they climb; interestingly, there is also almost no interference from the Vokayan government when Admirals choose their captains, and the curious election and civil service examinations that plague the rest of the Vokayan military is gone.
Commander These are experienced sailors and skilled soldiers, serving as first officer or even ship’s master in smaller vessels. They have many years of combat experience behind them before being even considered for the role.
Wayfinder Wayfinders are a necessary part of every crew; so important, in fact, that the death of a ship’s Wayfinder is classified as crippling damage and requires the ship to immediately return to port. A Wayfinder is the ship’s mage, and they not only are responsible for operating the ship’s Navigator (a powerful Vokayan device that serves as a barometer, weather predictor, battle map, star chart, and communications device all in one), they are also responsible for ensuring the ship’s hull stabilizers remain in alignment. This magic makes mere wood and caulking become stronger than hardened steel, but if the glyphs become damaged in combat it can cause the ship’s hull to fail; sometimes even violently implode. Such a nightmarish event generally results in the loss of all hands and cargo, and is to be avoided at any cost…though, it is also the preferred method of scuttling a lost ship.
Lieutenant Wayfinder These are junior mages that are tasked in protecting and apprenticing to the ship’s Wayfinder, in case their superior should become incapacitated. They are also responsible for commanding the ship’s gun crews.
Lieutenant Lieutenants fill a small number of roles, but their tasks are nonspecific. In general, they do as their commanders order them.
Ensign These junior officers are usually put in positions so they might train to graduate to Lieutenants. They are primarily in charge of handling the oarsmen

Every ship in the Naftiko contains Pezonaftis: soldiers, trained to fight on the open sea and equipped accordingly. These marines are equal to the Stratos, and often superior in their own specialized areas. Not only do they fight between ships on the open seas, but the Pezonaftis also specialize in hit-and-run attacks on land targets or attacks over rivers and other bodies of water. In this way, some of the elite marines can seem more like the Dragon’s Teeth than the Stratosi.

Strike Major Most vessels with marines aboard need only a Major or even a mere lieutenant to command the entire force; however, the mighty Ships of Battle have compliments so large they demand extensive coordination to operate; thus, every Ship of Battle has a Colonel aboard to maintain discipline and control of his men.
Strike Lieutenant These men can effectively command a force of about 50 or 60 soldiers in a ship. All ships of Cruiser class have at least one Strike Lieutenant aboard, and occasionally some other vessels warrant one as well.
Sergeant A given Sergeant commands a force of 15 to 20 marines. Many operations are run by an individual sergeant, though of course in a boarding action sergeants are only responsible for whomever can hear them.
Corporal Corporals control a small unit of about 5 or so soldiers, ensuring they are fit for battle and presentation ready. Usually, if their squad is needed to go off any really important mission, a higher ranking officer is attached to the soldiers for the duration.
Private The rank and file of the Pezonaftis. Highly trained and very skilled, armed with swords, spears, and floatation chainmail, they are feared and revered up and down the Storm Coast.
Recruit A private in the making.

Much like the enlisted officers and rank-and-file of the other divisions of the Vokayan military, the Naftiko Lonkitae are of varying quality, with no specialized education necessary before entering the service.

1st Warrant Officer These men are charged with managing
2nd Warrant Officer
Seaman A veteran of many voyages, a seaman knows the operation of many aspects of a vessel. While the differ somewhat in experience, all seamen can be expected a certain degree of competence, regardless of the task they are assigned to.
Landsman Their names representative of how their fellows see them, Landsmen are those not yet fully acquainted with the ships they serve on. Most landsmen are rowers, though some are given more specialized tasks if they show an aptitude.


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