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The magical arm of the Vokayan military, the Magos is one of the most illustrious organizations in the world. Builders of nearly all that makes Vokaya strong, peerless soldiers and tacticians, it is not dishonest to say that the power of Vokaya is their Magi.
They are disciplined, well-trained, and professional. These three things are precious, but while they are what defines the Magos’ strength, it is also their greatest weakness. The training it takes to produce a battle-ready Lonkitae Mage is around six years, and a Dionkitae officer is twice that; both only after completing standard Vokayan public education at the age of sixteen. As a result of this, there are few Magi in the service compared to Stratosi or Astynomia; indeed, there are fewer Magi than there are even the vaunted Knights of the Dunvales, despite the fact that the Conclave supports a population less than a fraction of that of Vokaya.

Despite this setback, the Magos remain one of the strongest and most feared military forces in the world.


The organization as a whole is still an arm of the Vokayan throne, but its importance to the realm and to Vokaya’s cultural ideals give it some added burdens. As a member of the Magos, you are more than a soldier. You are a symbol.

Motto: The glory of Vokaya is our glory! The power of Vokaya is our power! We are the bearers of the dragon’s legacy!


  • The Serendi Rex carries the legacy of the dragons on her shoulders, and she has passed the defense and edification of their realm down to us. Remember this always, and be proud of the trust she has given you.
  • Knowledge and magic is our gift from our ancestors, and from the dragons before them. Treat it with respect, and never forget who gave you the power you carry.
  • The misuse and abuse of magic is unforgivable.


Defend Vokaya. Discover new magics. Build monuments to the realm and to the Serendi. Destroy the enemies of Vokaya. Improve the lives of the people, usually through magic and engineering. Educate others.


Like all branches of the Vokayan military, the Magos is separated into officers, enlisted, and support; Dionkitae, Lonkitae, and Epikitae.


The commanders of the Magos, responsible for understanding the capabilities of their soldiers and using them effectively in the field. They are also political officers, as the upper echelons are determined by a Military Contest, and are thus elected positions.

Grand General The supreme commander of the Vokayan Military, second only to the Serendi Rex herself. Elected during the Contests, though usually selected from among the Dionkitae of either the Magos or the Stratos.
Archon Archons are similar to Hierophants, but have displayed supreme skill in both tactical and magical warfare, and are given full command of both Magi and Stratosi in the field. There are not many Archons in Vokaya at present, as all of them were killed in the Neverwar, and few have been able to replace them; since it is not actually necessary for the military hierarchy to function, there has been little push to generate more.
Rector The primary military commanders of the Magos, Rectors are given command of up to two hundred Magi, though usually half that many. They also command larger forces when they are paired with a Stratosi General, though they are outranked by their martial counterpart. Rectors are additionally ranked First through Fifth, to establish their own chain of command when necessary.
Magister Magisters are responsible for the command of small units of Magi, usually between thirty and fifty. They also are usually assigned a number of Wards to serve as assistants and messengers.
Ward Adjutant to a more experienced officer, Wards are a field commander only in name. Generally, they are expected to follow and obey a Magister (or, in lucky cases, a Rector) in the field, and are only given command of missions that require magical oversight but do not involve any other representatives from the Magos.

The soldiers of the Magos, expected to fulfill their roles to the best of their ability.

Hierophant The best of the best. Hierophants are not a required military rank, and so is a title reserved with nearly religious reverence for the truly great among the non-political mages of the Magos.
Archmagi Highly experienced Magi, the Archmagi are elite soldiers entrusted with the most difficult or complex of assignments. In larger forces, they can have a command of several Magi underneath them, up to about ten.
Magi A fully trained soldier in the field, most of the Magos consists of Magi. These men and women are extremely effective, both as warriors and as spellcasters, and are expected to fight on the front lines.
Adept These are untested or unproven mages, usually with little or no battle experience. This rank is reserved for those who skip portions of their training in a War College, are recruited in the field, or were not particularly talented in the academic environment where they were being tested. Lastly, one might be promoted to Adept while still in the midst of their education, to indicate extreme skill in a student…though such a promotion can occasionally lead to field service before their education is completed, if the situation is dire.

The teachers, engineers, and logistical officers that serve Vokaya, as well as the students looking to graduate into other branches of the Magos.

Commander-Provost The most learned member of the Magos Epikitae, the Commander-Provost is responsible for arcane support and consultation as needed by the High Council and the Consulate. He is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Magos War Colleges. Elected during the Contests, the role is usually selected from the existing Magisters and Provosts.
Educational Ranks
Provost The leader and manager of a War College, Provosts are masters of their field, and responsible for every aspect of managing their students and the facility in which they are taught. They also are expected to manage and supply all the research done in their domain.
Vice-Provost The Provost of a smaller War College.
Proctor These are the more learned and skilled of the Quaesitors, and they are also the administers of the tests that permit students to access more resources, as well as advance from Neophyte to Initiate and graduate from the War College at all.
Quaesitor An acting professor at a War College. They are also magical researchers into less practical fields, in addition to teachers of most of the student body.
Initiate A full student at a War College. They can be taught anything which they request, provided they have a Proctor’s permission. They can purchase rooms in the War College’s dorms, and have greater access to the College’s educational resources.
Neophyte A provisional student at a War College. These are untested and green, most between the ages of 16 and 18; barely more than children. They are different from Initiates because their tuition is higher, they are not provided living quarters, they are forbidden access to advanced training, and they can be expelled with only the authority of a Proctor rather than that of the Provost. The upside is that the expectations of Neophytes are dramatically lower.
Engineering Ranks
Architect Architects are used to manage and design projects that are extreme in scope. Sometimes the technical plans will actually be drafted by an Artificer and the Architect only clears them, but rarely does the Architect in question not understand some aspect of the project they are going to undertake. The expectations on the Magos’ Architects are extreme.
Master Artificer Like an Artificer, but better. Master Artificers are not required for the hierarchy to function, and thus the role is highly respected, only handed out to those who are truly excellent at their craft.
Artificer A skilled creator, proven to be able to create acceptable magical equipment and construction.
Apprentice An unproven Artificer. After graduating from a War College, Apprentices are expected to serve under a full Artificer for a year before they have to create a “thesis” project, which is judged by their master. If it is found acceptable, the Apprentice becomes an Artificer in full.


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