Healing, Injury, and Recovery

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Hit Dice Renewal and Resting

When taking a short or long rest, the characters can spend as many hit dice as they wish, rolling one at a time, adding their Constitution modifier to the result (min 1 hp regained).

When taking a long rest, they also regenerate hit dice. These hit dice can be spent immediately, even if they regenerate more hit dice then the character can store. Normally, characters regain 1 hit die per long rest; however circumstances may increase this number.

1 Any Rest
1 Resting indoors
1 Resting in luxury
1 Use of medical grade drugs
1 Resting character is over level 10
Receiving medical attention
1 Any
1 Total bonus of doctor over +5
1 Total bonus of doctor over +8
2 Total bonus of doctor over +11

Resting Indoors: The character is inside, safe, warm, and has access to a bed. These conditions can be met in most roadside taverns, but even secluded cabins or corners of dungeons can suffice.

Resting in luxury: The character is pampered, in extremely comfortable surroundings, with servants and access to their preferred form of relaxation. These conditions can be met in many brothels and bathhouses, as well as the manors of the wealthy.

Consuming non-ration foods: Access to fresh food and drink is highly restorative. Such food requires preparation, and should be of a certain level of quality to qualify for this bonus.

Use of medical grade drugs: The imbibing of powerful medicines assist in both bodily recovery and mental restoration, usually opiates. These drugs greatly impair the user while they are resting, however, and while resting the character behaves as though they have at least 3 points of temporary exhaustion.

Receiving medical attention: This requires a character to serve as a doctor. A doctor must have the Medicine skill and a Healers kit, and must not be resting while their patients are resting. One doctor should suffice for a party of any size; over an eight hour period, balancing even as many as ten convalescing heroes is not a terribly onerous task.

Healing, Injury, and Recovery

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