Free Republics

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The League of Free Republics is a very new creation, having only been founded when Bastion and Whiteshore seceded from Vokaya in January 1224 AT. A year later, a fair number of the embattled kingdoms of the Regius Novum joined the League as signatories, and major reforms are currently underway all over the fledgeling nation.


The various lands that have come together and call themselves Republics.

The Republic of Laimos

Located in the Neck, stretching between (and slightly into) the Shiverspine Mountains to the south, and the Blackwood Swamp to the north. Population: 200,000.


Proud and powerful, this is the heart of the Republic of Laimos, and of the League of Free Republics. It is also home to the Free Republican Armies.

Population: 57,000


Disparate and wild, Whiteshore is the capitol of the once-Vokayan pirate empire, and now is the berth of the largest portion of the Republican Allied Navy.

Population: 42,000


The smallest city in Laimos, situated in the center of the Highhorn Plateau.

Population: 9,000

Regius Primus

Regius Tercius

Regius Inmare

Have committed themselves totally to a local dragon cult. The master here has consented to whatever regulations Bastion wishes to impose in order to gather support against his neighbors.


Small but wealthy republic. Stable, and producing a great deal of gold.


Once powerful, though wracked by internal politics nearly to the point of collapse. Southernmost island.


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The Republic, as envisioned by Bastion.


Free Republics

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