Foundation of the Free Republics



Even under the rule of Merik Serendi, Bastion had been displeased with their current political position. Paralyzed by their legal limitations, they had been operating in stasis since the end of the Neverwar. Their forces were returned a few years before Merik’s death, but that did little to reduce their demands.

When Merik was killed and Lidiya assumed the throne, Bastion began petitioning for more rights and controls immediately. By most reports, this was spearheaded by the Bastion Consulate, primarily the Aribtor General, Cole Argos. He became the foundation of a more radical faction of Bastion’s political arena, pushing for greater independence from Vokaya, as well as presenting a more involved system of government.

This new system lacked a central figure of leadership entirely, with most decisions being made by a large body of selected citizens, who in turn were selected by the population at large. It was called the Republic, and it entirely precluded the concept of a “king” or “queen.” It grew swiftly.


Things finally broke down four years after Lidiya became the Serendi Rex. After years of giving ground to Bastion, the Lidiya finally outright refused a demand from Bastion’s council: a request for freedom from military obligation, which would mean Bastion would not be called upon to provide soldiers should Vokaya declare war on a foreign power.

It might have ended at that; the delegates from Bastion would use the refusal to strengthen some other minor request, and yet more ground would be given as a result. But, frustrated with the steady manipulations from their erstwhile colonists, Lidiya also recanted several other favors granted to Bastion, regaining much of the control she had lost over the last few years. However, the response was perhaps more dramatic than she had expected. Rather than fight her over the results, the representatives left the country on a fast ship through the Sea of Storms.

Less than a week later, a ship arrived with a Declaration of Secession from Vokaya, and a demand that Lidiya Serendi Rex officially recognize the cities of Bastion and Whiteshore, as well as several islands in the Regius Novum, as sovereign, independent nations. She was also informed that these nations had formed an alliance against outside influences, and any attempt to conquer or otherwise annex these nations would be met with all possible resistance by all members of this alliance. The alliance called itself the League of Free Republics.

Lidiya did not directly refuse the demand, but instead ordered a delegation to be dispatched to Bastion in order to prevent further escalation.

All of this was earlier this year. The delegation has been in and out of talks for months, with no firm resolutions. In the mean time, the Free Republics have been securing their borders, and are in negotiations with both the Holy Falcon Empire and the Aturan Sultanate in respect to their sovereignty. Very soon, something will be decided. One way or the other.

Foundation of the Free Republics

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