Dunvales Conclave

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Second Age Dunvales

The Dunvales have not fared well since the end of the Neverwar. While the population stabilized and the religious conflicts have largely subsided, they remain isolated and chaotic, with internal struggles, famine, and disease nearly annihilating the fledgeling kingdom.

Vital Statistics

Size: 73,320 square miles.
Population: 3.6 million
Prewar: 6.2 million

Major Cities

Seberg: 37,446
Grayhold: 29,956
Westerberg: 22,467
Suderberg: 19,097
Waygate: 11,458
Brakenport: 8,020

Towns: 42 (63,000)
Total Civil Population: 191,464
Total Rural Population: 3.3 million

Dunvales Conclave

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