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The Blessed Imperium was founded with the Mandate of Unification nearly ten years ago, and it is ruled by the mighty and divine Emperor Alexander Adelweis I. However, it is also unusual in that respect, as the aristocracy below him does not rule over their subjects with absolute authority, but rather the reverse. The Republican nature of its governance, and the Tunist philosophies that dictate it, set the Imperium apart from its less revolutionary neighbors. The borders are near ready to burst in growth, but internal struggles and political infighting have paralyzed it for the time being.


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The geography and regions that fly the flag of the Blessed Imperium.

Vital Statistics

Size: 160,000 square miles
Population: 12,730,500 (Prewar: 15,600,000)
Civil Population: 833,300
Rural Population: 11.9 million

Large Cities

  • Hauptstadt (Capital)
    • Pop: 94,800
  • Drakenheim
    • Pop: 118,200
  • Westerberg
    • Pop: 75,840
  • Messerford
    • Pop: 37,100
  • Meerhafen
    • Pop: 28,400
  • Port Anchor
    • Pop: 23,700
  • Schernwald
    • 16,600
  • Amhaich
    • 14,300
  • Tressenheim
    • Pop: 8,400

Towns: 104 (Population of 416,000)


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The revolutionary method by which the Imperium governs itself.

Recent History

Blessed Imperium

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