Balor's Chosen

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The Chosen of Balor (or, Whitecloaks, as they are more commonly known) are the enforcers of the Church of Balor in the Dunvales Conclave. More than simply a religious institution, they are also often the city guard, and the higher ranking among them are both the religious support in the region and the local militia leaders. In the Dunvales, war and faith come hand in hand.


Motto: Balor grants us purpose, and, through us, he gives purpose to all others.


  • The Conclave and the Dunvales are the chosen of Balor, and their goals are sacrosanct.
  • Seek perfection in all things, for that is the Path of Balor, and the holiest of aims.
  • Remain ever-vigilant for heresies and threats to the Conclave.
  • If the Dunvales are not safe, the people cannot find their Path.

Obey the Conclave and the King. Protect the Dunvales and their people. Prove the power and the perfection of Balor in word, deed, and belief. Root out heresy, sedition, and danger. Give support to the people in pursuing their Paths.


The Chosen are occasionally also a part of the local civil hierarchy. When that is the case, their rank within the Chosen has the title Lord appended to it; whatever their rank outside the Church is, it is considered inferior to their rank in the Church, so they are treated the same.

White Magus The head of the Church of Balor. Technically not a part of the Balor’s Chosen, he is nevertheless able to give orders to them with impunity.
Inquisitor Traditionally there was no rank that was Inquisitor, but the necessity of hunting down heresy and ensuring that everyone was on the same page was paramount in the early stages of the Church. The necessity has not appreciably diminished. Nobody is safe from an Inquisitor’s wrath except members of the Conclave, the King, and the White Magus themselves.
Clerics Clerics are powerful members of the clergy, responsible for administering to the spiritual growth of their area of purview. Clerics are always divine spellcasters, which causes their numbers to wax and wane regardless of the desires of the Church; sometimes, there are simply not enough Clerics to go around. In most occasions, Clerics answer to the White Magus directly, as Inquisitors are rarely assigned to a particular region for long.
Marshal Marshals handle many tasks. While most cities and town in the Dunvales are protected by a city guard organized by their local lord, the Whitecloaks always maintain a garrison in every one of their churches. This garrison is both religious and military, chiefly responsible for ensuring all citizens are building their Foundations every day, as well as have sufficient resources to do so. The garrisons also train the city guard, and hunt down criminals or solve other problems that the local lord either ignores or is unable to affect. Marshals command a garrison; in regions without a Cleric, they also administer to their church in the same role.
Vice-Marshal What might rank as an ensign or a lieutenant in another force. Regions that lack a Cleric usually end up with Marshals that have too much to do, so they might appoint multiple Vice-Marshals to help with the organization of the Whitecloack garrison.
Watchmen The rank-and-file, proven competent enough to be entrusted in serious endeavours. These are the Whitecloaks that most people meet. They live halfway on the spectrum between monk and soldier, though if a Marshal is not particularly vigilant his Watchmen might end up little better than armed thugs.
Recruit When one is still being trained in combat and still studying the Baloran tenants required for the oaths, a Whitecloak is a mere recruit.

Balor's Chosen

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