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“None are immune to the law. Not even those who guard it.”

The Astynomia is the law of Vokaya. They are judges, guards, investigators, firefighters, even lawyers from time to time. While they play many roles, they are the most known for their responsibilities as the city watch.
The Astynomia is held to a higher legal standard than the rest of the Vokayan military. They can be brought to court by civilians, and there are more restrictions to what a guardsman can do without written orders. They are also more knowledgeable of the laws that bind others, especially at the higher ranks. This additional training comes at a cost of their combat expertise; no city guard could stand up in a pitched battle against real soldiers.
Even so, they are an effective militia, and unparalleled throughout the northern kingdoms in maintaining law and order.



  • Without the it’s laws, Vokaya does not exist. Defense of the law is defense of the entire kingdom.
  • A criminal does not cease to be a citizen after they have committed a crime. They have responsibilities to the kingdom, and the kingdom, through us, has responsibilities to them.
  • The Dragons know true justice, and their laws are not ours to question.
  • Peace and prosperity of the whole of Vokaya is the responsibility of its every citizen. Support those in need, and they will return the favor.


Uphold the Laws of Vokaya. Protect the kingdom from foreign influence. Maintain peace in the streets of civilization. Support the people however possible.


Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal is responsible for managing all aspects of the Astynomia and the operation of all city guards in Vokaya. Most of this time is spent deciding policy and legal restrictions, as well as aiding the selection of Vice Marshals, however the Grand Marshal is also expected to represent the Astynomia in the High Council. Occasionally, a situation will draw the attention of the Grand Marshal themselves, and it will be resolved personally. This is normally an elected position, though all members of the Consulate have been personally selected by the Serendi Rex as of late.
Master Arbiter The Master Arbiter serves as an adjutant to the High Council and the Serendi Rex, as well as serving as the ultimate Arbiter if a case of sufficient severity should reach their table. This is normally an elected position, though all members of the Consulate have been personally selected by the Serendi Rex as of late.
Marshal A Marshal of a city is in command of the overall operations of the Astynomia in the areas of their purview. They are primarily concerned with guarding the guard, and ensuring that the operations are being handled legally, efficiently, and effectively. It is a political post, and a Marshal is elected to their position via the Contests.
Arbiter The Arbiters are vital to the existence of the Astynomia. When a citizen is accused of a serious crime, they are brought to the courts and before an Arbiter, who, after a trial, determines the guilt and punishment of the defendant. This position is a political one, and they are elected to their places by the local populations through the Contests.
March-Arbiter March-Arbiters are similar to Arbiters in nearly all respects, and like their superiors they are almost always based in a major city. However, a March-Arbiter’s duty is not to resolve legal cases in the city their housed in, but rather to travel a set path around the countryside every month or two, resolving any disputes that have arisen out beyond the walls of civilization. Generally March-Arbiters are less experienced and educated, as the crimes of the country folk are almost always more easily resolved than those of more civilized city-dwellers.
Vice-Marshal The Vice-Marshal is responsible for managing the Wardens and their operations, as well as most of the missions given to the Inspectors. They are, in many respects, a field commander.
Inspector Unlike the Wardens and the Guard, Inspectors exist to act independently. They solve mysteries and uncover plots at the highest levels of the law, and many are accused of being just one step from the Dragon’s Teeth. An inspector’s arrival is a sign of intense interest by the guard, and incredible danger to any who would suffer thereby.
Warden-Captain A commander of a unit of Wardens. There are categorically fewer Warden-Captains in the average city than there are Guard-Captains, sometimes as few as a single Warden-Captain for every twenty of their static counterparts. Rather than being assigned a location to protect, Wardens are usually given a situation to resolve.
Warden A more experienced and heavily trained member of the city watch, Wardens are the active defense of the city. They are used to respond to extreme situations that must be resolved carefully, and thus their training and experience is greater. Many can use simple magic, and they are better armed than Guardsmen. Smaller towns tend to have very few—if any—Wardens.
Guard-Captain An officer of the city watch. Generally in command of ten to thirty Guardsmen, and a single post or position to defend. Part of the static defense of the city.
Guardsman A member of the city watch, part of the static defense of the city. They are armed and equipped by their Marshal and out of their own pockets, and thus a Guardsman’s equipment will vary wildly based on their city and even their districts. Larger cities will have heavy chainmail and even Vokayan infantry swords, while small country towns might have spears, blackjacks, and simple leather gambesons.
Trainee A guardsmen in training. They are trained in schools designated for the purpose, and rarely leave them except in dire emergencies. Fortunately most do not spend more than a few months in these schools, as they are educated in basic legal codes and given a slim degree of martial training.


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