Angela Saide

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Angela is (or, was, depending on what Galan managed) the Guard Captain in charge of maintaining peace in the Bazaar district. Arguably, it was the most important—and potentially best-paid—captaincy in Riverheart, and, arguably, she wasn’t really the type of person that came to mind when one thinks of “law and order.”

Angela is a nymphomaniac, and her tastes in lover have created unusual politics among the city watch. There are those who claim she has earned more merit in her bed than on her patrols, and her superiors are promoting her for reasons that do not prioritize the safety of Riverheart or its people. Angela, for one, ignores these claims, and refuses to respond to any such accusations. In public, anyway.

One of those who believe her unworthy of her post is her direct inferior, Cirio Mardas. His response was to blackmail her with evidence of her lascivious relations with her commanders, hoping that she would retire. Her response was to hire the party.

It hasn’t gone as planned.

Angela Saide

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